Organic Circuitry (electroacoustic string quartet)

Sarah Wallin Huff
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Organic Circuitry, an Electro-Acoustic Quartet for violin, cello, 5-string electric violin (with Octave Drop pedal), and 6-string electric violin (with Chorus and Delay pedals). 6 minutes. (2014) Composed for Kay Pech and the 2014 Chamber Music Institute of So Cal; performed in concert at the CMI Summer Chamber Music Gala on 7/20/2014 in Cerritos CA.

“Organic Circuitry” is a unique string quartet, pitting the acoustic violin and cello against electric 5- and 6- string violins with effects. It evokes a futuristic state of being, merging ancient instruments with new technology.

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  • PDF download of sheet music

  • Size
    4.18 MB
  • Length
    16 pages
  • PDF download of sheet music
  • Size4.18 MB
  • Length16 pages
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Organic Circuitry (electroacoustic string quartet)

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