The Noble Journey (for Chamber Orchestra)

Sarah Wallin Huff

Presenting the 2023 epic, three-movement Chamber Orchestra work, dedicated to Irene Shiao and the Mt. SAC Orchestra of Walnut, CA.

Envisioning aspects of the classic "Hero's Journey", this work faces "The Unknown", traverses "The Abyss" (through which personal convictions and fortitude are honed), and arrives at "Apotheosis": the state of enlightened "godness", where the hero is so established in their self-awareness and oneness with All that nothing can shake them.


  • 2 Flutes/1 Piccolo (doubled by Flute 2)
  • 1 Oboe
  • 1 Bb Clarinet
  • 1 Bassoon
  • 1 Bb Trumpet
  • 4 percussionists (concert toms, sus. cymbal, bass drum, gong)
  • Piano (a challenging and featured part)
  • Strings (vln 1 [including prominent solo part], vln 2, val, cello, bass)
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The Noble Journey (for Chamber Orchestra)

I want this!