Leviathan of the Ancient Deep-SCORE ONLY (6-string elec. violin solo, synths, and orchestra)

Sarah Wallin Huff

Score for the 2008 three-movement concerto for solo 6-string electric violin, chamber orchestra, EWI (Electric Wind Instrument), and synthesizer. Approx. 25 minutes long. (Updated Parts are coming soon!)

Taking its cue from the Hebrew description of the Creature of antiquity and imagination, this Concerto features the virtuosic properties of the six-string electric violin with its immense range, while the various and creative sounds available to the synthesizer and electric wind instrument (EWI) enhance the beauty of the acoustic orchestra.

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  1. movement I. Seekers of the Legend

  2. movement II. Sighting

  3. movement III. The Hunt

Instrument List:
2 Flutes / 1 Piccolo (doubled by Flute II)
2 Oboes / 1 English Horn in F (doubled by Oboe II)
2 Clarinets in Bb
2 Bassoons
2 Horns in F
2 Trumpets in Bb
2 Trombones (1 Tenor, 1 Bass)
4 Timpani
3 Percussionists: Low Floor Tom, Bongos, 2 Concert Toms, Suspended Cymbal, Tambourine, and Claves
Strings (vln 1, vln 2, vla, cello, bass)

MIDI/Electric Instruments:
Basing the desired sounds on present technology, the patch labels used here are found using Roland brand MIDI patches. Patches needed are as follows:
– “Seashore”: sound effect of the waves on the seashore.
– “Shakuhachi”: the ethnic instrument of the same name.
– “Puff Organ”: a calliope-style organ, with more breathiness than reediness.
– “White Arcade”: a unique and unearthly lead patch, with a mellow and straight tone like that of a theremin; clear attack and minimal reverb are necessary for the nuances of the solo to be heard through the orchestral texture.
Likewise, patches are listed using Roland brand labels:
– “Fantasia”: a bell-like quality with warm resonance.
– “Jublag”: a different bell-like quality, like that of a gamelan. – “Harp”: a simplistic ethnic harp.
– “5th Saw Wave”: exactly as the name implies – a saw wave patch sounding in simultaneous parallel 5ths.

[NOTE: Technology will undoubtedly advance beyond these simple patch changes. Therefore, the nature of the exact sounds are left to the discretion of the performer, provided similar sounds that adequately grant the proper mood of the part can be found.]

Six-string Electric Violin:
Strings are tuned (from lowest to highest): F, C, G, D, A, E

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Leviathan of the Ancient Deep-SCORE ONLY (6-string elec. violin solo, synths, and orchestra)

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