Courage Triptych (string orchestra, soprano sax, and piano)

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Courage Triptych (string orchestra, soprano sax, and piano)

Sarah Wallin Huff

Three Images, for String Orchestra, Piano, Soprano Saxophone, and Violin Duo.

“Another work that has an overarching tale, one of uncertainty and identity, is Courage Triptych, a cinematic suite of ‘images’…”

Following an interim of fourteen years since the completion of the work’s first Image in 1998, Sarah Wallin Huff completed this suite of “Images” for violin duo, piano, soprano saxophone, and string orchestra in 2005, with final official revisions completed in 2012. Each Image had seen its own time of creation as independent works throughout those years, until Wallin Huff ultimately wove the three together into an epic musical journey in 2005.

These highly cinematic movements depict an unnamed hero’s personal journey from loneliness and uncertainty to triumph.

The Triptych consists of the following Three Images (click on the links below to listen):

I. A Garden Prayer, for violin duo and piano
II. Broken Innocence, for soprano saxophone and string orchestra
III. Valiance, for soprano saxophone, piano, and string orchestra

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