Butterfly Lullaby (for Mezzo-Soprano [or Baritone], Viola [or Cello], and Piano)

Butterfly Lullaby, for Mezzo-Soprano (or Baritone), Viola (or cello), and Piano. 3.5 minutes. (2012) Performed at the ASTA Chamber Festival, University of Redlands, 2/2/2013.

An original song based on Native American imagery of the butterfly as the keeper of dreams.

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Take this butterfly, bye-bye, sweet child;

Embrace her comfort as her wings brush against your skin.

And with your breath whisper a wish into her ear.

She’ll make no sound but trust it only to Heav’n.

Dance beneath the moon, bye-bye, sweet child;

His guardian light embraces all of the earth and sky.

And as you lay your heavy head upon your bed,

The butterfly will bring your dreams while you sleep.

Though sorrow looms, be not afraid; Time will prove true.

Shake the dust from your wings; Give thanks for life’s renewal.

Behold the Morning Star breaks forth, fare-thee-well, sweet child;

And with the dawn, ancestral spirits smile down on you.

Sleep well and dream the Dream of Hope, bye-bye, sweet child.

Butterflies will greet you when you awake.

Your butterfly shall meet you when you awake.

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Butterfly Lullaby (for Mezzo-Soprano [or Baritone], Viola [or Cello], and Piano)

I want this!